The Tactical Games University (TGU) is a two day course designed to enhance the shooter or tactical athlete skill ability in marksmanship (both rifle and pistol) and fitness regardless of their current skill set while shooting under physical duress. This will be done by building a good marksmanship foundation in the morning and early afternoon and then employing that marksmanship under physical duress of mini battles. These mini battles will improve the athletes ability to strategize a battle, build mental toughness while pushing the athletes marksmanship and physical ability to be successful during The Tactical Games.

The marksmanship emphasis will be on ensuring the shooter/athlete has a good 50 meter rifle zero, understands rifle point of aim verse point of impact. Pistol marksmanship will focus on making sure the shooter/athlete had a solid marksmanship fundamentals to make a 50 meter pistol shot. We will also cover weapons manipulation and positional shooting with both the rifle and pistol and shooting under physical duress. The fitness portion will address functional fitness, nutrition, recovery and a training plan.

Topics Covered:


Rifle and Pistol Marksmanship


Equipment Setup

Rifle and Pistol Manipulation

Shooting Positions

Strategies for the games

Game Mindset



How to build a marksmanship and fitness training plan:

Bring all your equipment you would for The Tactical Games

Pistol with holster

Rifle with sling

Optional – Plate carrier if your bring one it’s 15 lbs for men and 12 lbs for women or 8 lbs for light divisions. I will have a scale to double check weights so you are not carrying extra weight.

5 magazines rifle and pistol with mag pouches (If you don’t have 5 mags, bring what you have)

Ear and eye protection


Water and lunch

Clothing must be able to perform during strenuous physical activity.

We will be training in all weather conditions so pack accordingly.

Bring any and all equipment or clothing you might want to use at the games. This is the place to shake it out.


500 rounds 5.56/.223 No Green Tip Ammo

500 rounds Pistol

See The Tactical Games FAQs for more details on equipment and clothing