Division Breakdown

The following paragraphs outline the differences between the divisions.  First, there are no metrics with which to determine what category an athlete should compete.  The decision solely lies on the judgment of the athlete.  Although this is a little ambiguous, we have found the athlete’s instincts to be pretty accurate.  We provide a perspective below that allows an athlete to “think correctly” about what category to enter, not a hard-fast method of determining their skill level.  We attempt to answer plainly and simply below.  We make no attempt to sound sarcastic, we are just trying to simplify this as much as possible.


Elite Division

An athlete in the elite division should be, …….elite!  They should be both physically fit as well as a highly skilled shooter.  Both competencies are required in this division.  We add nuances to the shooting to make it more difficult, and we add weight and distance to the Battles to make them more challenging.  You may be an elite shooter, but not an elite athlete.  If that is the case, enter the Intermediate Division.  Conversely, if you are an elite athlete, but NOT an elite shooter, enter the Intermediate Division.  We expect athletes to be completely competent and understand ballistics, hold-offs, weapons handling, and above all, safety! We also expect an athlete to be honest, and not sandbag by entering the Intermediate Division when they are clearly an elite athlete.


Intermediate Division

The easiest way to determine if you are at the Intermediate level is to answer the question: “Am I an Elite Athlete?”  If the answer is “NO.” Then sign up for the Intermediate Division. In the Intermediate Division, athletes are expected to be safe above all else.  There should be a competency in weapons handling skills, in other words, an ability to ensure you are not pointing your weapons at other athletes, the judges, and the spectators. Even experienced shooters and experienced athletes are learning at The Tactical Games. We consistently try to provide unorthodox shooting positions and have athletes do things they wouldn’t normally do…..just like combat.  So, if you are not an elite shooter, but a pretty good shooter, and you are not an elite athlete, but you run, do Crossfit, or lift regularly and are in relatively good health, sign up for the Intermediate Division.


Masters Division

Masters Division is pretty easy to explain.  If you are 45 years old or older, sign up for the Masters Division.  Both elite and intermediate athletes over 45 years old can compete in this Division.  IF you are over 45 years old, but wish to compete in the Elite or Intermediate Divisions to get a baseline against younger men, that is fine.  But you will be compared to those men, and you will not be eligible for a trophy in the Masters Division.


Women’s Division

The Women’s Division is easiest of them all to explain, however, in our current generation where fact and discernment are not the normal, we will be specific.  In order to enter the Women’s Division, you must have been born with ovaries, your DNA must be that of a female homo-sapien.  This is science, not politics.  Women may sign up for the Women’s Division, No exceptions.