Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue is an organization that is currently working in 7 countries rescuing children from the sex trafficking trade. The Tactical Games founder worked with Destiny Rescue for two years rescuing girls from the sex trade in the Caribbean, and now supports Destiny Rescue through the influence of The Tactical Games.  The Tactical Games supports righteous causes such as this and we invite our participants and Tactical Games friendly people to join us in the ongoing war against this ubiquitous global problem.  A person can get involved in three ways: 1. Donate Time.  2. Donate your skill sets. 3. Donate your funds.  Every minute and dollar goes towards their rescue model of Rescue, Recover, Reintegrate.  This model has worked well worldwide to rescue a child, provide them with the support and skill sets necessary for a productive life, and reintegrate them into society in a way that gives them the est chance possible for a successful life.  Be a part of something amazing!


The Tactical Games exists to train, test, and highlight the amazing skill sets of tactical athletes.  Arguably, many tactical athletes come from the military community.  We know that military members experience horrible things in wartime and the results can be  manifold: broken lives, broken relationships, and unfortunately in some cases, suicide.  The Tactical Games stands by Mission 22 in its fight to stop military suicides and help to support their efforts to help Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and their families on their journeys to a healthy and happy life gracefully intertwined with meaningful relationships and realized dreams and goals.


The Tactical Games has had many cases where former military athletes approached a staff member and said, “The Tactical Games saved my life!”  As a result, we have found ourselves acting as a safety net for former military men and women who find themselves looking for another “unit” in which to belong.  Partnering with Mission 22 is our way of reaching out and trying to make a difference.