JTAC Ranch is the official Home of The Tactical Games. Located in Central Florida, JTAC Ranch is a 1530-acre property with perhaps the longest precision rifle range on the east coast, at 2000 yards. With the ability to shoot, move, climb, run, and crawl through a host of obstacles and shooting venues, JTAC Ranch is ideally suited to test the skill sets as well as the physical and mental toughness of Tactical Athletes.

Additional competition locations can be added as they go through the certification process. This certification includes instructor certifications as well as range/location certifications. Once a venue is certified, they can then teach our curriculum and host officially sanctioned Tactical Games events. Athletes who win at these regional or qualifying events qualify for larger Tactical Games events later in the year. Athletes must compete in officially sanctioned events in order to earn a place in The Tactical Games final events.


JTAC Ranch is also home to The Tactical Games University. This a school that teaches not only shooting and tactics, but fitness methodologies, life-style methodologies, and mental paradigms that build and make a tactical athlete successful at what they do. This curriculum is a comprehensive body of information, provided by former professionals who have lived the life of a tactical athlete for years in the military or in law enforcement.

Courses at The Tactical Games University are one or two-week courses, and include:

  • Tactical shooting fundamentals
  • CQB
  • Ropes – climbing and descending tactically (top down work)
  • Aerial Platform work (coming soon)
  • Tactical Fitness in a high-performance environment
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness Programming
  • Obstacle Course navigation and strategy
  • Orienteering

Individual Courses: (2 or 3-day courses)

  • Tactical Shooting program (pistol and carbine)
  • Tactical Shooting program (Precision Rifle)
  • Aerial platform shooting (coming soon)
  • Tactical Fitness (techniques, nutrition, programming)
  • Obstacle course navigation and strategy
  • Long range movement course (Orienteering with map and compass)


The two foundational elements of a tactical athlete are shooting and fitness. Both of these abilities work in tandem to make a tactical athlete harder to kill, and more effective as a warrior. These two elements co-exist one feeding the other. If a person is a shooter, but not an athlete, when their heart rate elevates due to stress of activity, eventually the skill sets deteriorate. So, fitness is an essential part of being a tactical athlete. Shooting is critical but is not enough to make you elite. In short, a fat guy can shoot, he just can’t chase the enemy or run from a bad situation. On the other hand, you can be an Olympic-level athlete, but die quickly because you have no ability to shoot or defend yourself. The goal should be to achieve and maintain an ability to shoot well under duress, but also to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness to allow you to shoot in extreme circumstances. Ultimately, everyone loses fine motor skills if their heart rate rises enough, so we obtain a higher level of fitness to push our ability to shoot under stress to a much higher degree than most. For this purpose, we have developed The Tactical Games University to teach these fundamentals.

The Basic Tactical Games Course introduces shooters to the fundamentals of fitness and shooting as a combined discipline. Attendees will receive classes on health, fitness, diet, physical fitness programming and strategies for increasing their tactically oriented fitness. This course also teaches the fundamental tactics and techniques used to navigate an combat environment under in a stressful scenario.

Each day at the University is broken down into training sessions. The early morning sessions focus on fitness, diet, and programming. The Afternoons and evening sessions focus on shooting techniques, strategies, and specifically designed stress evaluations, or shooting and moving drills. These drills will push both the shooting ability as well as the fitness ability of the participants.

Skills covered in the 5- day basic course:

  • Fitness
  • Techniques
  • Diet
  • Exercise physiology
  • Neuro-physiology (how to design training)
  • Programming
  • Shooting
  • Pistol Marksmanship
  • Rifle Marksmanship
  • Shooting while moving
  • Barriers
  • Physiological breath control in shooting

Throughout the course, the participants are continually exposed to the warrior mindset. Situational awareness along with constant tactical thought is explained and put into action.

Sample day in the Basic Tactical Games Course:

  • Morning fitness training: 0600 – 0730
  • Fitness Classes: 0900-1130
  • Shooting Techniques: 1230-1600
  • Stress Evals/Fun Shoots: 1600-1930
  • Night shooting techniques: 2100-2200
  • Bed

For more information about the Basic Tactical Games Course, email us at