Equipment Requirements

Each competitor will compete in standardized equipment for the Battles during The Tactical Games.

We are attempting to level the playing field to ensure all variables are removed and the Battles represent an even test of skill and fitness across the board.




We do not specify the clothing or footwear an athlete chooses to wear.  We highly encourage rugged footwear and clothing to protect the athletes as they move through the prescribed Battles.

During most Battles, athletes will be wearing Body armor, pistol belt, and rifle with sling.  This varies slightly for one or two Battles. Specific instructions will be given ahead of each Battle.


All body armor will meet a minimum standard. An athlete does not have to have plates in their plate carriers.  As long as the weight is achieved, the plate carrier can be “slick”.  We use the term body armor as it is universally accepted, and all athletes know what that is.  But technically we are referring to plate carriers.  An athlete’s plate carrier must meet minimum weight requirements, THEN add ammunition.


  • Men’s body armor must be 15lbs or heavier.
  • Women’s body armor must be 12 lbs or heavier.

At the Games, we will check the weight of athlete’s plate carriers/body armor.  We reserve the right to make spot checks at any time throughout the event, and if an athlete is found to be “running light” it can be grounds for disqualification.  Running light body armor is an honor code violation.


Athletes will compete with a 5.56mm/.223caliber semi-automatic rifle. We generally expect the rifle to be an M-4 carbine or variant.  We will allow other models of 5.56mm/.223cal rifles as long as it is determined to be equal to the rifles being used by other athletes.  The rifle should be in good working condition, well maintained, fully functional safety, and use standard 20 or 30 round magazines.


We allow the use of optics in The Tactical Games such as Aimpoint, EOTech, or other electronic optics.  We do NOT allow magnified optics in The Tactical Games. No adjustable or variable power magnification is allowed.

We require rifles to have back-up iron sights.  Redundant systems should be the standard anyway.


We require semi-stock pistols to be used in Battles at the Tactical Games.  We want combat-style pistols such as Glock, S&W M&P, CZ, or otherwise.  No revolvers.  We allow fiber optic sights, or high-visibility sights such as Tru-Glo sights. We do NOT allow electronic sights on pistols.  Front sight post and rear sight aperture style sights only.

Triggers on pistols may be doctored to be lighter than stock triggers.  Drop-in triggers are acceptable.    

Compensators are acceptable. Match-grade barrels are acceptable.


For questions or clarifications on the rules, scoring method, or weapons allowed in the TAG competitions, email us at