The Tactical Games endeavors to uphold the highest level of fidelity to the combat tactics that work in the real world. Developed over decades within our Special Forces, SEALs, SWAT, and other specialized units, these tactics are tried and true and have been proven across the globe in combat operations. We also understand that as we present competitors with unique and ambiguous circumstances, the creativity that comes out in the moment is many times genius at work. So we leave a little flexibility while holding the standards firmly in place.

To become a Judge, complete the request form, take the online test, and providing you achieve a passing score, you will be issued a numbered judges credential. This credential allows you to judge at sanctioned events. It does not provide for any compensation for judging. That is between a judge and the certified range affiliate as to whether, or not, compensation is given for time spent judging an event. For the Tactical Games finals at JTAC Ranch in Florida, compensation may be offered to senior judges, but largely this is a volunteer position.

Becoming A Judge:


    A judge must understand how to score a target and translate everything to time.


    A judge must understand the nuances of close quarter battle (CQB) Urban warfare, and the details of what is taught in the SFARTAETC, OTC, or similar SWAT Schools, and be able to determine when fundamentals have been violated.


    A judge must be in good enough physical condition to run alongside the competitors throughout their iteration, whether it is an obstacle course, a shuttle shoot, or a power shoot. They must be able to stay with the contestant.


    A judge must be able to be around firearms, their use, and be comfortable and experienced on a shooting range.


    A judge must be able to navigate on a shooting range safely, without being a safety concern.

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Becoming A Instructor


    A certified instructor MUST carry firearms instructor insurance. This is a standard practice in the shooting world. Proof of insurance must be shown prior to instructing any course of instruction.


    Instructors are held to a very high standard. Past experience in Special Operations is highly recommended and desired, however not a requirement.


    Experience in the tactical world is a requirement. A potential instructor must show that they have knowledge of specialized tactics, techniques, and procedures, as well as a solid working knowledge of fitness and the ability to blend both fitness and shooting in an effective and safe manner.


    Potential instructors are required to attend a Tactical Games Instructor Certification Course.


    Instructor certification levels span levels 1, 2, and 3:

    • Level 1 allows an Instructor to teach as a assistant instructor (AI) in tandem with higher level Tactical Games instructor, a Primary Instructor (PI).
    • Level 2 allows an instructor to lead a course of instruction as a PI.
    • Level 3 allows an instructor to design and lead courses of instruction as well as teach qualification courses to certify AI’s and PI’s.

Judges and Instructors must arrive the Friday before the event at 1pm.