There is a small group of men and women out there who have the technical and tactical skills to compete at the top level of tactical athletes. The Tactical Games is the premier venue to test those skills, and to crown the Most Dangerous Man and Woman in the World! If you think you have the fitness level, the technical skills, and the mental toughness to compete at the top of Mount Olympus, then take a few minutes and register for an event.

How To Sign Up For The Tactical Games

  • Action Item 1 - Choose Your Event

    Determine whether or not you have the skill sets to safely participate in a physically demanding event that also requires shooting. In The Tactical Games, a participant will drag weighted sleds, carry farmer carries, climb ropes, perform pull-ups, scale buildings, jump over fire pits, push weighted wheelbarrows, navigate wooded terrain, shoot inside and outside buildings, shoot from unconventional positions, shoot while moving, shoot short and long distances, and be tested in a variety of surprising ways!! Click to sign up for the Tactical Games in Mississippi or Texas.

  • Action Item 2 - Prepare For the Event

    1. Prepare as you would for any other grueling fitness event. Eat well, Get plenty of rest, Continue your workout programming, and Stretch.
    2. Choose a hotel nearby, some will be listed as a courtesy, book your room/s.
    3. Bring a cooler, lawn chair, or whatever you want to make yourself comfortable in between events.
    4. Bring extra clothing, you will need to change due to blood, sweat, and tears.
  • Action Item 3 - Volunteer For the Event

    If you are not interested in participating in an event, consider volunteering. Click on the location you would like to volunteer at below in order to sign up.

    1. Mississippi
    2. Texas

In following years, we will be arranging regional competitions to determine who will attend future Games events. We will be signing up affiliate ranges at which these events will take place, and the winners of these regional events will earn their places at The Tactical Games.