The Tactical Games is the next big step in the shooting sports industry. Crossfit has existed for over 20 years now, and boasts the fittest men and women on earth. Combat has existed for thousands of years, and now, The Tactical Games is blending the two, fitness with tactics, to create one of the hottest new extreme-sports in the world. The Tactical Games will crown the Most Dangerous Athletes in the World each year at the Games in Central Florida.

If your range is set up and designed to promote tactical shooting, then you will want to become a Tactical Games affiliate and host official Tactical Games events at your range. Hosting local or regional events will increase traffic at your range and build interest in a new line of classes designed to create physically fit, technically and tactically proficient athletes. See below to find out how to get your range involved and become a Tactical Games affiliate.

Where to Start?

Facilities wishing to host certified events can submit a request to be qualified as a host location. Requirements to host a event will include:

  • Range must be a Tactical Games Affiliate

    A yearly affiliate fee of $500 must be paid to the Tactical Games, LLC.

  • Requisite range characteristics

    • Outdoor range with enough space to allow approved competitions
    • Ability to support physical activities such as pull-ups, run, farmer carries, sled drags, rucksack marches, etc; in combination with shooting events.
    • Range rules must allow moving while shooting, moving from position to position with a firearm, transitioning from rifle to pistol, drawing pistol from the holster, etc.
    • Range should include shorter pistol ranges and ranges out to at least 300 yards for both pistol and carbine work
    • Range should allow for movement of athletes to and from the firing line while loaded and wearing fill kit.
    • Shoot houses are not required, but if used, can utilize live ammunition or training ammunition such as Short-Range Training Ammunition (SRTA or Blue Tip), Frangible, Simmunitions, or UTM.
  • Range must carry an insurance policy

    A $1m policy must be carried listing the Tactical Games as secondarily insured

  • Certified Tactical Athlete Games Judge on site

    • Each official event must have a certified judge on site for the competition to “count” towards the official tactical athlete games event
    • A person can become a certified judge by completing the request form and completing a short test. Pending the results of the test, the person is issued a judge’s card with an assigned number. See, “Becoming a Judge or Instructor” on this website.

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