“I was a part of the first tactical Games University (July 2020), and I have to say out of all the firearms courses I’ve taken military and civilian, this by far was the most in-depth and detailed course…

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…The instructors go into great detail about tactical applications and the Do’s and Dont’s. It’s one thing to tell someone in a classroom setting to do something, it’s another to explain it to them, and apply it at the range all within minutes. Students can expect to have any question answered and explained when it comes to real-life scenario shooting and the game scenarios. Both are different and both can be applied. The instructor to student relationship is that of the hunger games. They are all experienced, they won’t sugar coat, they apply these things every day and most of all they are WINNERS. Things that were covered were safety, techniques, movement, weapon placement, weapon manipulation, battle planning and so much more. You will be sent out back into the world a different shooter than when you entered regardless if you are a novice or a pro. I’ll end with this, I was more mentally prepared for my first games the week before simply because knowledge was on my side. Anyone serious about tactical games or tactical shooting needs to take this course.”

– Moe Z.

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the training this weekend. Sadly I am rarely inspired these days, however, beyond the great perspective, real-world advice on preparing for the games…

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…your example not only inspired me to train better/more effectively-it was the encouragement that I needed to change the direction of my currently poor personal level of fitness. Your instruction and personal example likely has changed the current arch of my life in a very positive way and while I am sure you received similar messages from other students I wanted you to know.”

– Matt O.

“I can’t say enough about our experience at TradeCraft. Antone was great to listen and learn from. He definitely has a gift for sharing his experience by demonstrating and discussing his knowledge…

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…I’m grateful for the easygoing manner and patients in teaching. He gave me a lot of take homework to practice and develop. Much appreciated.”

– D.F.