Become a part of a special family whose service couldn’t be more vital to the success of The Tactical Games! We could not put on these events without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers. With that being said we have needs for volunteers in various roles from judging or scoring to athlete check in. If you want to experience The Tactical Games and the Tacticult community but are not ready or do not wish to compete; we highly recommend volunteering. Volunteers are the lifeline that makes the event a success.  If you want to try out an event without competing first this is the way to go!  We promise you will be hooked once you get to watch an event happen live.


The requirements for judging/volunteering are not extensive.  Anyone can help out at a TTG event whether it’s directly judging athletes, assisting with entering scores or the endless other areas needed to help make our event run smoothly for competitors.  Anyone who volunteers their time is compensated with reduced/free entry into a TTG event of their choosing within 1 year of volunteering.  If you volunteer 1 day it is 50% reduced cost, volunteer for the weekend and receive a FREE entry.
Volunteers have the option if they arrive early to help test/validate the battles.  You have the ability to test a battle out with no stress of competition and see what it’s all about.
Volunteer Roles:
Be a part of the action!  Judges are directly attached to athletes during a battle; they coach, they encourage and most of all they help athletes perform at their best.  The requirements to become a judge or volunteer are kept simple and straightforward:
  • A general working knowledge of firearms and firearm safety if you wish to directly judge the athletes, you need to be comfortable around firearms and the ability to enforce safe firearm handling.  If not dont worry are other positions where you can be of direct assistance to TTG (scoring, event logistics, firearm check-in, etc)


  • A positive attitude and the willingness to work.  TTG events are full day endeavors and our judges work hard to ensure the entire day goes off smoothly.  You will have fun, meet great people and watch top tier athletes perform under stress.  But make no mistake our judges work as hard if not harder than the athletes do during battles to ensure every athlete gets 100% dedication and effort to help them perform.


  • Physical conditioning:  Our judges walk a lot during battles, you do not need to run a marathon or life the world but you will be moving along with the athletes as they perform the battles.  Anyone with a physical impairment can 100% help, you may not be able to directly judge an athlete but we want you to come out and become a part of this community!  See below for other roles we need during an event.
A critical position within TTG that doesn’t require any physical activity for those who may not want the demands of a scoring judge.  Scorekeepers calculate and enter in every athletes score from a battle.  This is a critical task that cannot be overlooked!  Its imperative we have individuals who take on this task to ensure every score entered is accurate and up to date.
Support Staff:
There are a million items that need to be done for a TTG event to occur before the first battle ever takes place.  Anybody can help make that happen with simply being a helping hand during the event.  People are needed to help check in athletes, set up the ranges with equipment and help athletes prepare for the event!


Volunteers for both days of an event have the option to receive complimentary entry into another event within 12 months. If you volunteer one day you will receive 50% off your registration fee. Volunteer benefits are non-transferrable.

Become a Volunteer

Click on the calendar link below to choose which event you would like to volunteer for.